Wednesday, July 6, 2011

East Teas

Last time I talked to you about the Gawain travel sets, this time I’ll mention briefly East Teas in London. Even though I said I was not going to talk about London in any big way, I’ll mention this shop because Alex Fraser, the owner, sells loads of travel gear.
East Teas can be found either online (check my link page) or on Fridays and Saturdays at Borough Market at London Bridge. There are two other tea stalls there as well, one selling Darjeeling one selling Ceylon. On his stall owner Alex Fraser sells high quality Green and Oolong tea and some black as well as tea ware galore. Alex Fraser works as an art lecturer at the University of the Arts and was in Japan studying tea for 3 years.
If you come to his stall he will give you expert advise and brew up a cuppa of your tea of choice.
Below are images of two bits of teaware I bought at East Teas