Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Tea friend!

Welcome to my new blog. I have two obsessions: Tea and Travelling! Well actually its 4, taking photos and writing about my tea travels! And it is precisely this that I want to do here. This blog is dedicated to tea travels. Every time I go travelling I will post things here. Reviews of teashops, teas consumed, cups and pots bought, books about tea, exhibitions etc, etc. I live in London and will not review anything London related. I will only review places outside London. They could be from a long travel to a far off land or short trip to nearby Brighton. It could be about a specific tea related trips to say Darjeeling or about a walking holiday in Wales. But I don’t want this tea blog to be just about my ramblings. I want you fellow tea friend to interact with me! Make comments on what I write, suggest links etc.
I will post about my trip to Paris soon! In the meantime, happy sipping!

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