Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jane Pettigrew - Lady of Tea

During the first year of running her teashop she was asked to write a book of tea-time recipes which was the start of a long career as writer and lecturer on tea events. She also advices hotels and other food establishments on tea.
'TEA CLASSIFIED' (in the US published as 'The New Tea Lover's Companion')
Design For Tea (Publisher: Sutton)
The Tea Lover’s Companion (Publisher: National Trust and Benjamin Press)
Afternoon Tea (Publisher: Jarrold Publishing)
Traditional Teatime Recipes (Publisher: Anova Books)
The Picnic (Publisher: Jarrold Publishing)
The English Pudding (Publisher: Jarrold Publishing)
A Social History of Tea (Publisher: The National Trust 2001)
Jane Pettigrew's Tea Time (Publisher: Dorling Kindersley 1986)
Time For Tea - A Book of Days (Publisher: Littlebrown 1991)
Tea and Infusions (Publisher: Carlton Books 1999)
Tea (Publisher: Grange Books 1999)

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